kitchenremodelDesigning your Dream Kitchen Island

The popularity of kitchen islands in contemporary home design has created a plethora of design ideas that you can use for inspiration or simply use as your own design. On sites such as you will find a bunch of designs readily available in the various contractor and homeowner portfolios to satisfy your needs if you intend to redesign your kitchen.

These islands should install easily and the beauty of an island is that you can combine work space, wash space and eating areas all into one. Depending upon the design, you might have 2 or even 3 different heights as part of the island allowing it to also serve as a bar area.

Tailoring your kitchen island designs will enable you to match the design to your own needs and preferences. The following are some ideas and concepts you might want to consider when designing your island so you can maximize space, utility and efficiency.

Meal planning, prep and cleanup often generates waste and incorporating an in-sink disposal and hide away trash and recycle bin can make cleanup quick and easy while keeping the kitchen looking classy.

Of course you’ll want to incorporate a dishwasher or perhaps even two if you have the space. By correctly locating the dishwasher you can again maximize clean up efficiency. Let’s face it, cooking is fun but cleanup is work and you’ll want to speed it along in every way you can.

You should have 2 or 3 separate food prep areas with at least one of them next to a sink so scraps can be disposed of and veggies cleaned. Having enough space to also plate up dishes is a key to cooking efficiency as is having enough drawers (well-organized of course) for all of your cooking and eating utensils.

Keeping your food preparation arranged is simple as long as you choose the best island designs. You will discover hundreds of different designs on-line to inspire you and from there you dreams are the only thing limiting you.