Basement D├ęcor 101

A basic knowledge of design might be all you have to change your dingy basement into a living space you can be proud of.

However, there are a number of things you need to bear in mind prior to attempting to enhance your basement. Basements, by definition are below grade and that means that despite what you may think your basement is prone to water leaks and dampness. This makes it imperative that you keep electrical equipment and sensitive electronic devices such as computers and TVs well away from the those areas most prone to water incursion.

Keep in mind that even if you remodel your basement it’s not going to transform the location into an ideal living location, it’s still a basement. That being said, if you want to really dive into a major remodel job, exterior windows and doors can be added if the ground outside your home is graded appropriately.

Barring that type of major renovation you can still make your basement into an ideal place for enriching hobbies and activities such as painting, wood working, carving, video gaming and movie watching.

If you move ahead with remodeling your basement, you could think about making it a bedroom area or home entertainment area. Both are popular uses of this space. Adding a bath is also possible. But, unless your home was pre-plumbed for a bath addition this becomes a bit of a larger project as some sort of sanitary lift system will need to be installed.

If you are eager to make a dull basement into something habitable, there are decorating methods which can help you with that. The benefit of rugs here is that it helps add warmth under foot and basements are notoriously cold places.

Concrete basement walls can easily be painted or outfitted with hangars from which curtains, rugs or tapestry can be hung as an alternative means of decorating them.

Apply bright colors on your basement liberally. It can make basement appear more warm and inviting while helping you forget that you are underground!